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[Windows] Import QFX - "The date format is wrong"


I'm used to import qfx from my bank using MW for iOS, but had a problem trying with MW for Windows.

On the import dialog I received the "Please, specify the correct date format that is used in the file you want to import" but can't take any action to specify that.

O shoot a video of the problem, it's on youtube at:

After unsuccessfully trying on Windows I imported the exact same file on iPhone with success.

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I have the same problem importing QIF files into the Windows version too.

Hello there,

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused! We are aware of the import issues with QFX file on Windows and we're working to fix them with an update.

Any updates? I have purchased software that is effectively worthless because I can't import my accounts from Money.

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I'm with Matthew. Still importing with iPhone is more painful than what I was expecting when purchased Windows version.

Since it's a major feature can you provide a delivery date for the fix?

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I am with Filipe and Matthew. Same problem. can't believe you guys released a paid for Windows version that doesn't import Quicken formats.

When will the fix be available? Hopefully sooner than later.

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Hello everyone,

We are very sorry about this - and I know that I speak for the entire team. We are really working around the clock to resolve the import issues and hope to have a resolution soon. We'd love to fix this ASAP as well - and we are doing just that.

I am also having this problem importing files exported from Microsoft Money. I am a bit disappointed that I have purchased this product only to find that so much of the advertised functionality simply doesn't work. Please fix this urgently.


omg... your delay and lack of communication is starting to piss me off.

The Windows version costs $25 and seems like a prototype.


Our recent updates have included some import fixes although we're aware that there are some corner cases still. We continue to make the import on Windows as rock-solid as it's on other platforms.

I using version 2.2.2 (build 85) which I don't know how old it is or the changelog.

Tried again import OFX without success.

To my needs this is critical. And it's 3 months old.


Do you have any other device such as Android, iOS or Mac that would be capable of running MoneyWiz? If so, can you please contact us at

I have MW for iPhone and can import OFX.

Also I'm talking about this and other issues with Volodymyr Klymchuk from your support team. 

The ticket is #35296.



Thank you for the ticket ID. I've reviewed the case as well as spoke to Volodymyr about the case and I see that progress has been made on the import issues and the original issue is no longer present. There are certainly still some rough cases with import but Volodymyr is reporting them to our team and they are fixing them as we speak.

As I noted, we are dedicated to fixing all issues related to import in Windows but it might take some time to fix all possible scenarios.

i have the exact same issue with a CSV file, i unsuccessfully tried formatting the date all different ways.

i have the same issue on windows, and android operating systems.

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