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Best way to deal with loans suggestions?

Say I lent someone £100 and I transferred this from my current account into theirs. How do you guys deal with this. I used to enter this as an expense but then I found that the summary wasn't accurate because this isnt really an expense currently I have a Cash account set under a Loan/Debt name and transfer the monies in there but not sure if thats the best wayto deal with this

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Hi Mike,

I think this is a good way to deal with this. You create a separate account with a name of the friend you lent your money to and transfer the amount from your Cash/Checking (or whatever account), to this friend's account. As your friend pays you back you can register an opposite transfer from his account back to your cash.

In case you need to see this on report, you can generate a Cashflow report just for your Cash or your friend's account.


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