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MoneyWiz cannot sync on Mac

Its been about a week since my MoneyWiz is unable to sync. Whenever I launch the app (v2.3.3) on my Mac OSX 10.11.4 it will go into sync then colorwheel then it becomes unresponsive for a long time where I have to force quit. 

What I have tried:

1. Del and reinstall the app. 

2. Sign out and sign in after reinstalling. 

Doesn't work. 

However I have no issues with iOS version they are working fine and I can only use the iOS versions. 

Please advice. 

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Hi Teo,

Could you please submit your request to ? We will ask for some additional information and provide with further instructions.

Thank you in advance!



I got same problem and same behavior on Mac (10.11.5) installation about 3 months ago.

iOS works fine.




Kindly please contact us at so we can assist.