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Windows version is a bad deal

I'm glad to see the Windows version is finally available.  However, it's upsetting that spending $25 only allows me to install the program on one computer (Quicken and most other competitors of yours allow at least 3 computer installations per license).  Mac users only have to pay $25 once to install on ALL of their's simply not fair that you're punishing Windows users.  Also, your roadmap shows that the Windows software will be outdated in only 8 months, meaning I'd have to spend another $40 (for 2 licenses; home and work computers), for a grand total of $80 in an 8 month period of time.  As much as I've been waiting patiently for this Windows version, I'm sadly going to have to pass unless:

1) One license can provide at least 2 computers.  This would make my total out-of-pocket $50 for the current version and version 3.  Still way more than Quicken, but I'd be willing to do so to support your developers.


2) Buying a license now guarantees a free update to version 3 in November.  This only seems fair.  Remember the backlash Apple received after releasing the 4th generation iPad only 7 months after the 3rd was released?  Yeah, you don't want that...

Just to clarify, no, I'm not interested in the subscription model, which I realize provides free major upgrades.

Moneywiz team has responded:

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It could be great to allow two installations per Windows License 

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Fully agree with this. I have a Windows desktop/laptop and Quicken allows me to install on both with one license. Don't mind paying additional for different platforms - IOS, OS X, etc.

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I think its just bizarre that you can install on a mac as many times as you like but not windows only "because most windows apps are sold like this". So, are most Mac apps sold like this, that you can install as many times as you like? Whatever the Mac users get, then windows users should get also, it should be the same across the board. Dont you think?

Why not allocate the license for the Windows version to the SyncBITS account? This would enable the users to use MoneyWiz on unlimited computers, but only with one specific SyncBITS account.

I think, this would be a much better licensing model, than licensing each MoneyWiz installation.

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