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Transfers don't appear on the budgets

Hi. I have created a budget and as far i can see, transfers don't appear on the budget, why?

Hello there,

It's because transfers in MoneyWiz (apart from transfers related to Loan accounts) can't have categories and budgets in MoneyWiz are based on categories.

We are considering to revisit the decision regarding no categories in a transfer but it poses some difficulties (the primary one being that in one category you'd have a negative amount and equal but positive amount at the same time, which would cancel each other out). Therefore we can't promise anything just yet.

On other app i have the transfer transactions appears. Only count the transaction so if i make a transfer it should count as debit. Regards
As i can see on the other app the transfer counts as a debit on a budget not a categories. So if i transfer a amount (50€) from account A to account B the total on budget appears -50€ because i have spent 50€ even have gone to another account that is also mine.


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