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Keeps asking to Authenticate

Been using money wiz for a long time but stopped for awhile Because of inconsistent performance of the online banking. Now I'm back with the new update and I had to re authenticate all my accounts. It was a slow process and got some errors but managed to get them all set up. But I have one account that ALWAYS asks me to reauthenticate every time I refresh the data. Ive tried looking at the settings to see if there something new added. I even deleted the account and add it again. But no luck Help please

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Let me add that it's all accounts that are doing this so there must be a setting I'm missing?

I started having the same problem since the "update".  It's doing it on EVERY ACCOUNT, each time.  I've re-entered my passwords dozens of times, but it still keeps asking on each account.  Total pain in the ass.  I wouldn't have bothered with this program if I wanted to do things manually.   

Sorry to hear that but I'm glad it's not just me. And it does seems like it was with the new update. I haven't used it as much lately becuase I think the online syncing with the bank was not the best but when I did I didn't have to authenticate every time
Oh and I've also tried rebooting the iPhone. I should have to but maybe I'll try deleting the app and reinstalling it.

I'm using the app on a Mac.  I only had syncing problems with 1 account always asking for authentication prior to the update.  I'm surprised no one else is complaining about this issue.

Yeah so am I! FYI I deleted the app and reinstalled but no different result

I'm having the same issue ever since I upgraded to the latest version on iOS.  It's super irritating to have to enter my password every single time for every account.  I too thought that maybe it's a new setting they added but no such luck.  I hope they fix it soon!  

I'm having the same issue, both on iPhone and Mac - please fix
Add me to the list - was always asking to authenticate on Mac and iOS, and now has started on Android.

Yes same problem for me. Have to Authenticate every time. Arghhh

Hi all, We're investigating this and will provide update 2.3.1 with a fix later this week.

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Thank goodness for that 
Me too, having the same problem. Worse than ever tonight. Takes forever to authenticate. Won't even update even if I put in my password.
I still have this problem with all of the accounts asking me to authenticate them each time I launch the app. I was assured that you were working on this problem and would have a solution shortly, how long is shortly likely to be? I am disabled and depend upon this out for my day-to-day banking, as do the many friends to whom I have recommended it. I confess I'm rather disappointed,you seem to indicate above that you have resolve the issue but you certainly haven't. Please give some indication as to when you expect to have an update to solve this issue.