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Total Amount and Groups

I have create a group and i don't want the values of all accounts on that group appears on total available.

I know i can select on every account on that group to do not appear on total, but if i do that the value of the group goes to 0! It's possible to the value of the group appears?

Example: I have group A with to accounts A1 (50€) and A2 (500€) on the group A appears 550€ available.

I also have the group B with accounts B1 (200€), group B2 (300€) and group B3 (1000€). I i select on accounts B1, B2, B3 to don't appear on total available, the total it's 500€ but on group B appears 0€ instead the 1500€.

It's possible to do that?

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It's not currently possible to have an account not count towards a group total but still count towards the Net Worth total. You can choose an account to be excluded from Net Worth which would also exclude it from group totals. There's currently no individual setting for group totals and Net Worth.

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