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Combined Refunds

When purchasing items for work or on work trips I will assign them to a specific work expense category so that they don't get caught up in my budgets, but so I can see that the category is always at 0 I input a refund when I complete my work expenses form.

The problem is that the work expenses gets paid to me as a lump sum so my refunds are no longer inline with what is actually happening in my bank account. Is there a way to change the refund to an Income within the work expense category and then assign specific expenses to that amount? or something like that?


Dear Henry,

I think you're referring to a reimbursement - one lump sum refunding several expenses. This is not available just yet but we're working on this for a MoneyWiz update :)

I have the same issue and I have a work round if your interested. I have a dummy expense transaction in my account that has all the categories I know I am expecting a refund on. Each category I allocate $0.01c. When I receive my imbursement I use this dummy transaction and 'convert to refund' to reduce my expense categories. It's not ideal but it works.

Hi Pawel. I have a similar request for that feature. But in my case it would be related with an expense that I made in my credit card but divided it into 10 times. It happens that I was reimbursed by that expense in a single full payment (the total amount), but now I have to wait 10 months and keep reimbursing it, not knowing how to do it in MW, and the category I've assigned it is never zero at the end of the month. Thanks.


Our next update will include the ability to offset both income and expense categories :)

Hi Pawel,

Could you let me know how this offset will work? Will I be able to refund more than 1 expense into just 1 income transaction?



The details are still being worked on and I haven't yet been using the development build but yes - it'd allow you to refund more than one expense in a single category using just one transaction. Current Refund feature allows you to refund one transaction using one transaction but this would allow you to refund multiple transactions with one transaction.

Great! Can't wait to see this new version!

Thank you for your attention Pawel.

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