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Sharred budgets/accounts

My partner and myself both use Money Wiz, we are thinking about setting up a joint account for day to day things like groceries, bills etc.

Neither of us use the automated banking as we've had a very negative experience with it and it causes a lot of confusion. We therefore enter everything in manually.

What would be great would be to share the tracking of that account. Say if I share the account with her so that it then appears in her accounts and then if I enter any expenses or incomes it will appear on her account and vice versa.

Alternatively is there an option to merge two Money wiz accounts? However this wouldn't be ideal as we both quite like our financial independence.

I understand what you are saying, but currently such approach is only available if you both using the same SYNCbits account. And what's more important each of you will be able to see each others accounts - individual or shared.

There is a workaround for this, but it's not the best honestly. The workaround would be creating separate SYNCbits account. So it works like this:

1. You and your partner open MoneyWiz and start/create your persona set of data - such as accounts, Budgets, transactions etc. Then each of you should create your own SYNCbits account (With your own e-mail) for yourself.
2. Then you sign out (you or your partner) and one of you will start/create a new set of data. This time it will be accounts and Budgets that you share both. So one of you creates these account and Budgets and then Signs UP for a new SYNCbits account with new e-mail, which both of you will have access to.

3. Now when you need to make some shared spending you simply sign out from your personal SYNCbits and Sign in with Joint SYNCbits. This might take some time, only if you are singing in for the first time, but then signing out and in will be very fast as you won't need to sync all data from scratch.

The shortcoming of such approach is, that you won't be able to create transfer transactions from your personal accounts to joint accounts.

We will think of implementing shared accounts, but this will not come in MoneyWiz 2 most likely.

Thanks for the quick response!

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