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Transaction ID

 It should be available the filed 'Transaction ID', here i can put the ID of my homebanking transactions, or the number of recipe, or number of check.. That's very important to compare all data and give the id to bank or recipe number when i want to complaint.

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This is already available. First you need to enable Checkbook register in the settings of the account, when creating it or editing it. Then you need to go to Settings -> Transactions Layout and enable Check# from there. Now in every transaction that you will be registering in this account (where you enabled checkbook register), MoneyWiz will let you put IDs inside. With each new transaction, it will automatically pre-fill this field with a next subsequent number, i.e. 0001, 0002, 0003, etc...


I have already done but it's possible to change Check# to ID? Can create mistakes because can really be a check number or a transaction ID or a Recipe number....


Hi Leonardo,

You cannot change the description of the field. But you can come up with some sort of a rule.

For example transactions that start with 001 - are IDs for transaction.

with 1 - are receipt numbers
with 0000001 - Check numbers

With each transaction you can change the number inside to anything you like. Alternatively as I mentioned in other topic, you can use Memo field. The main purpose of this field, is to record every little specific detail about transaction. You can put anything there.


Volodymyr once again I'm Leandro not Leonardo!!!!!
This field it's very important and i can insert the numbers here but because he can be more than a check number i think you should change the name to Transaction ID or only ID, it can be a check, homebanking transaction ID, recipe....


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