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European Portuguese corrections

 I have discovered some errors on the European Portuguese translation, there's also untranslated words, words that do not meet the required agreement spelling in Portugal, the use of capital letters ad the middle of sentences and so on. Please make a revision on your texts.

Hi Leonardo,

We will be glad to accept your help on this. If you be so kind, could you please send us a text document with the list of wrong transactions on the left and correct transactions on the right. In brackets please mention, which modules of the program you found these inconsistencies in. We are asking for this, because we don't have anyone in the team who is native Portuguese speaker.


My name it's Leandro!
Contas & Orçamentos -- Contas e orçamentos
Disposição de transacção -- Disposição das transações
Sobre & Ajuda -- Acerca e ajuda or Sobre e ajuda
Dashboard -- Vista geral
Agendar -- Agendamentos
Desactivar protecção por PIN -- Desativar proteção por PIN
Apagar todos os dados após 10 tentativas erradas para introduz... --- Eliminar dados após 10 tentativas erradas
Mostrar conta corrente -- Exibir conta corrente
Mostrar sinal +/- das transacções -- Exibir sinais (+/-) nas transações
Usar MoneyWiz em -- Idioma
Data & Hora -- Data e hora
Disposição de transacção? -- Configurar exibição
Currency -- Moeda

Despesa -- Débito (it's the same but more correct)

Rendimen... -- Crédito (it's the same but more correct and that way the word appears complete on the screen)

And so on...

Another error:
Incluir nos cálculosdo patri... -- Incluir no saldo total


Evolução dos beneficiário de des... -- Evol. débitos por beneficiário (word beneficiário appears on singular should be plural)
Evolução dos beneficiário de rec... -- Evol. crédito por beneficiário
Alterar Lista -- Alterar lista
Falta -- Resta
Any feedback?



Sorry for the delayed reply, we were catching up with the feedback we were getting after releasing new version.

Thank you so much for investing time into correcting MoneyWiz translation. I've noted your suggestions but note that we won't be implementing some of them as they are against our policy of keeping the translation consistent. For example, all MoneyWiz languages have "Use MoneyWiz in" as opposed to simply "Language". We'll not be making one language different from another one.

However, I did make a note of other errors and we'll be investigating this with our translations team.

Pawel it's possible on the Reports menu near the various options text appears on two lines? Because the text it's to long appears only a bit of text with the.... On 5“ devices it's impossible to read all the text. On the "Comparar os beneficiários de receitas" the text appears on two lines but it's the only one, others appears on one line followed by 3 dots. Regards


I've noted this to our design team and we'll see if we can get that one fixed, thank you!

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