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Optical character recognition

Would it be possible to create a feature so that the app can read my receipt and automatically fill in certain parts of a transaction. For instance a Tesco receipt would automatically suggest title & payee and amount based on what is on the receipt. 

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Hi Michael,

I don't think that this will be possible. First of all, it involves huge amount of work, as we should "train" the app to focus on specific areas of the picture, to read a specific type of text (scrapping only that information which relates only to MoneyWiz's transactions' entry screen); train it to read different fonts, size, etc, etc....

Second of all, it is not a top requested feature. We believe there are a lot other very useful and handy features to implement into MoneyWiz, that will improve users' experience with MoneyWiz.

On the other hand, we are going to implement one feature that might fulfill ones need for suggesting pre-selecting a payee. We have in plans to add an ability to save locations of payees and pre-fill the payee (in manual transaction entry) if that user is at a such location. We do plan this for MoneyWiz 3.

I hope this helps.

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