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Hiding closed accounts

It would be nice to be able to hide closed accounts from main view, but still be able to go back and see transactions. Deleting them will not work because incomes and expenses would be deleted as well

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Hi Mason,

We would like to implement some archiving mechanism, so that all your historical data would be kept, but at the same time won't take too much space. However at this point it's not yet there.

For now, we recommend to create a Group in MoneyWiz and call it "Closed" for example. And whichever account you closed, simply put it into this group. You can collapse all of your closed accounts into this Group, so they won't distract your eye. At the same time you will be able to generate historical reports and check your old transactions at any time you want.

I hope this helps.



I've followed this suggestion but it would be nice if accounts within the "Closed" group could be excluded from the Financial Forecast in Scheduled transactions. 

Same here, this is pivotally important to have such feature to hide all the closed accounts.



I second that specially that it will affect your total networth and other accounts.

The anMoney app have the 'Close account' option. When i close the account the account auto hides, and only appears if i select to see 'All accounts' instead the 'Active accounts'.

It's a very but very useful feature, please put that also on MoneyWiz.

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