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PayPal (SaltEdge): Transactions with fees calculated incorrectly

Hey guys – First off I think you have been doing a remarkable job with the app. Quite revolutionary if I may say, as over the years I have been struggling to find an app/service that would allow direct connection with online banking accounts to many countries, particularly mine.

On top of that, your support is excellent. Marina restlessly assisted me to setup my account and subscription. 

This time however, I want to share a feedback directly as I think other users might want to contribute as well. My problem lies when syncing with PayPal account. In general, the connection and data import went well. But when it comes to income transactions which were deducted by PayPal's fees, the numbers were off.

Please see my attachment. To put it in the most simple way, the imported/synced data shows the amount of income transaction after it has been deducted by the fees but then you put the fees again as an expense. Obviously this creates an issue in reporting as my total incomes will be less and expenses more than they should be.

To correct this, you could either import the income amount before deducted OR import the deducted amount then skip the fees as another expense record. I'm fine with both, although the first one is more accounting friendly.

Let me know if this is something that you could fix/improve. I am committed to extensively test your online banking functionality for a month to decide whether it is stable enough to replace my current personal financing system.



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Hi Michael,

So let me clarify this, as your screen shot is not 100% informative since you overwritten the actual numbers with your comments.

Let's say there is an income transaction that been made through PayPal for $100. PayPal takes their fee out of this transaction for $5. When transactions is synced to MW, you see $95 as income and a separate transaction for $5 as expense, am I right?


Hi Volodymyr,

The areas which are overwritten on my screenshot are not related to the transactions in this discussion. They do not show the total numbers.

You sample case is 100% correct though. So every time I receive new income with a fee from PayPal, it makes it like I am paying for the fee twice.

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