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Add "Set as Pending" at the Scheduled transactions

If you want to set your scheduled transactions as pending you need a lot mouse clicks. Now you need to select the transaction, then click Pay, click Pay to confirm that is isn't due for payment, and another click for the transaction window and in case of a split transaction just another click. These are 4 to 5 clicks for one transaction. With 40 scheduled transactions is this very annoying.

Perhaps it's possible to add the option "Set as Pending" to the option menu. When you select this option the scheduled transaction must go straightaway to the account. So you select the transaction, then choose "Set as Pending" and finished.

Better would be select al the transactions of your choice and then choose "set as Pending" and finished.


If you have a Mac there is a way to do that already. In other words you can mass set transactions as pending. First you need to switch your view to Table View mode, and then select several transactions that were force Paid so to say, right click and select "Set as Pending"


Yes, this is correct if the account has already been paid. I would like this option within the scheduled overview. Select several scheduled transactions and then the option "Set as Pending". Now you can select only one scheduled transaction.


Ah, thank you for clarifying this :) I understand now. I've noted your feature request!

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