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Auto creation of budgets

In previous applications I have used it was possible to auto create a budget from a series (or sub series) of information entered for the previous year (or quarter).

So to give an example, it would be great to be able to create a new budget for 2016 based upon spending characteristics for 2015 (or any other previous year).

This would then calculate how much you spent last year, then these budget values could be edited to for example increase a category (such as Food) by a certain value or percentage. 

This additional feature would allow people who are moving to MoneyWiz to use their already created data which they imported to create the budget for their accounts going forward. 

Hope you can consider this for a future release. 

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Dear Dave,

Thank you for suggesting this idea to us! :) I'll certainly pass it to our team so we can discuss this internally. I'll also leave the ticket open for upvotes so we can consider the priority of this feature.

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