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Date picker...

I know it is said that the app is going to be updated to Material Design, and then I hope they also mean the REALLY OLD FASHION date picker from Android 2.1 will be updated. It is such a shame because the app in itself has a beautiful and updated ui, but then for going to choose a date you feel you are back to Android version 2.1 again. I can't believe it would be so hard to let the user have an option for using the Android built-in date and time picker as most apps seen in screenshots.... Imagine how fast you could select your date but most important....HOW BEAUTIFUL wouldn't it be? ;-)

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Hello again,

I'm happy to say that an improved date and time picker will be applied in the next MoneyWiz 2 for Android update :)

Hello Julio,

Thank you for bringing our attention to this! I'll note it down and pass to our team so we can see if we can improve the design a bit!

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