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Need BILLS tab showing transactions of all accounts in a single view -- PDF and cvs export of a report should be intuitive following a Ledger book style.

Hello MoneyWiz Team,

I am using two money management apps currently. "Money Manager Expense & Budget by RealByte" for tracking my personal expenses on my iPhone and "T2Expense - Money Manager by T2Clever" on my android device for tracking a small business that I do.

Today I came across MoneyWiz and started exploring it. MoneyWiz is a great looking app. SYNCbits feature is the most compelling. Of course it has its share of shortcomings. The following features are badly missing. Else I would have immediately started using your app. Hope you will implement at least a few of them. in your future releases.

Feature Requests in the order of priority::
1) Need a "BILLS" tab or report which shows all the transactions (Transfers, Expenses and Incomes) of all accounts in a single view sorted by the date of transaction in the descending order. For reference you may check this feature in "Money Manager Expense & Budget by RealByte" available both in App Store and Playstore. Although the Networth Report in MoneyWiz lists all the transactions in Descending order of date for a given time period, it lists transfer transactions twice leading to unnecessary confusion. Also give an option to add a new transaction directly from this Bill tab itself.

Why do we need this feature?

Generally at the end of the day when you sit down to make entries of all the transactions of a day in the app, it makes life easy to ensure that we have entered all transactions. Right now in moneywiz, I have to check each account to see if I have entered all transactions of a given day. Yes, by running net worth report, I can see all the transactions of the day, but like I mentioned earlier, it creates a bit of confusion Also it doesn't leave any gap between each day like we have in Money Manager app which is more pleasing for the eye.

2) After adding the above feature, give an option to export all the transactions of all accounts of a month, year or any custom period to a PDF and EXCEL sheet with the below fields in it in the order mentioned.

Date, Type of Transaction (Expense, Income, Transfer), From Account, To Account, Category, Sub Category, Payee, Amount, Transaction Description.
Please refer to the attachment with the name "Transactions_Report_of_All_Accounts.jpg".

Although not perfect, html and excel reporting format used in "T2Expense - Money Manager by T2Clever" on Android are reasonably good. T2Expense doesn't offer PDF export feature.

Why do we need this feature?
This will be a perfect replica of a ledger book which can be printed by the users and filed.

3) Follow the above reporting format while generating the report for an Account with all its transactions for a given period.

4) Follow the above reporting format while generating the report for a category both income and expense with all its transactions for a given period.

5) See the styling of the "Assets" Tab in "Money Manager Expense & Budget by RealByte" app. Have the Total Assets and Total Liabilities displayed. Also give a detailed and beautiful PDF export of this tab. 

Hope some of these features will be implemented in the next few months. 


Ravi Varma K

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Rather than a preset format, I would like the ability to choose which fields are exported and the order they are exported in—that is, to be able to create my own custom layouts for export. Even though there is an option to choose fields in the Transaction Layout setting, not all of the exported fields are listed. There are four automatically exported fields that I don't need: Name, Current Balance, Transfers, and Balance. 

As far as choosing order, at least make it so the order in the Transaction Layout setting controls the order of the export. But it would be better to be able to keep these separate—the order for data entry is not necessarily the same order I would want for export.

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