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Merging local data to Syncbits


IOS 9.2, OS X 10.11.2

I cannot find a button with a proposal to merge local device data when iam loggin to my SYNCbits on iOS.
I bought MW2 and used it couple months without any account. I cannot use old account any longer (btw how to delete it?), so i registered new one.
Ofc i can use import/export ability, but when iam trying to import something in new account its doesn't offer to me option to import time, just date. For
 me time is one of the main characteristics.

Can u add a bar "merge local data with SYNCbits" on login?


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Hi Sergei,

There's no automatic way of doing this at the moment. Since you've also sent us an e-mail, let's keep the conversation there as we'll need to work with your private data.

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