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SMS import feature

Is there any plan to implement a feature to import the transactions from SMS messages that some banks send to the clients?

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Hello Tiago,

Not in the nearest future but I've noted your feature request and we'll see how many votes this request gets to judge its popularity. Thanks!

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 I'd love to see this feature in MoneyWiz. Import, or even just open a new transaction pre-filled form when a certainly formed SMS comes.

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Nice feature, I would say, almost mandatory. I'm waiting anxiously for it. Help us a lot to create transactions.

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한국 은행은 끝났다. 은행도 서비스를 기대하지 않는다, 나는 SMS를 통해 지출을 업데이트해야합니다. 원하는 경우, 빠른 시간을 지원하십시오.

This will be great idea. And not only SMS but also for emails.

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Great idea. 

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