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Online Banking Synchronisation periodically via SyncBit or real live via Yodlee/Saltedege


I am a satisfied user of Money Wizard.
I find only the online banking synchronization process is not smooth.
I feel that every time I start the synchronization process with Money Wizard Yodlee is started. Is that right? That means a customer many synchronization attempts.
If the above is true, I wonder whether it is not more efficient, for example, every 6 hours central lifting the online banking transactions in your central database. Every time Money Wizard will then be launched new mutations achieved via Sync Bits. My experience is that it goes fast. Then you can give the customer the choice that he wants anyway real live retrieve the information at Yodlee.
Most people will not really spend all day with bringing in actual transactions.

Vincent Maas


Unfortunately we do not have such a central machine that could perform this action for you. This would require us to know your sync password as we'd be accessing your private data and perform operations on it. We don't want that - we want to keep your data secure.

At the moment, Online Banking sync can only be made if MoneyWiz is running.

Hi Pawel,
Thanks for your reaction. You answer is clear.
Kind regards
Vincent Maas


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