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Archiving old Accounts

For example, I loaned for some people some money (have an account for each), when they will return money, I'll transer it to my accounts. But what should i do with account which i created for them?

I whant to have ability to archive an account. It'll be usefull for:

  • Loan accounts
  • Closed bank account, e.g. deposit

Archive accounts should be hidden, or there should be a flag wich controles it's visibility.

Why I need feature:
  • I don't whant to delete account and make changes in current accounts
  • I'd like to reopen some accounts if sometimes loan money for same people 
  • I don't whant to see accounts with zero ballance

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Agreed. Currently I've stuck them in a closed accounts category but would love to hide/mark them as closed entirely.

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Totally agree

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