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Auto-pay transactions triggering notifications

I have many scheduled transactions set up, most of which are set to 'auto-pay' as they are the same amount month after month. I have a few which vary in their amount each month, so they are not set to auto-pay, to make sure I enter the correct amount when due. However, I seem to be getting notifications for every transaction, whether auto-pay or not. How can I suppress the notifications for the auto-pay transactions, as they are unnecessary?



That is not possible actually - it's because you still need to launch MoneyWiz in order for the transaction to be actually paid. The transactions are paid only when MoneyWiz is running, we cannot pay them in the background :)

Sorry if it's causing inconvenience!

I think I see...but if the transaction is specified as auto-pay, would it be possible to not trigger the notification?

Not at the moment but I'll note your feature request and share it with our team :) I cannot promise anything but we'll certainly monitor other users' feedback on this too.

Thanks Pawel. I just don't think that notifications are necessary for transactions where the user does not need to amend the details. Or at least, make it optional to not be notified of auto-pay transactions :-)

Thanks for your prompt response.

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