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Unify Transactions


Another feature that I miss, is to join two (or more) transactions in one.

It happens, I program many transactions in the future payments Paypal and Paypal only emits an income.

What's going on? That then I have to waste much time trying to add the correct category.

For example. Paypal payment receipt in day 1, and scored for the future, on the day 16. I'm getting paid, day 2, day 3 ... each with its category.

Then on the 16th I make a Paypal, but I only get paid. I have to edit this payment and add back all categories.

If you could group different transactions to be "unified" in itself, it would be wonderful.

Hello Robert,

I am sorry but I am not sure that I understand what you mean. Can you please rephrase your message? Thank you!

Hi Pawel,

Excuse my English, I use a translator.

See if consiguó explain it better. I attached some pictures.

The idea is to unify two or more transactions at a time.

For example, if you visualize the image 1, attached you, I have selected three transactions. The idea is to click the right mouse button, and I could tell that unifies these three transactions in one.

In the example, we have three transactions:




Once unified, only appear a transaction (pop) with the amount of 512.10.

Sorry if I do not explain, I can even make a video if you prefer.


(26.3 KB)


Ah, I understand now, thank you! :) I've noted down your feature suggestion.

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