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SyncBits by account


I happen to be a user MoneyWiz delighted that come from another program of economic management.

This program, been using from 2009 to 2015, where I completed my migration to MoneyWiz.

All transactions from 2009 to 2015, I exported to an account that will not use simply going to have to statistical mode. There are many hundreds of thousands of transactions.

And now I meet a problem. I can no longer use SYNCBits. Why? Because this account syncs, and ends collapsing, blocking my MoneyWiz Mac.

So I had to give up, and stop syncing in the cloud, because every time I try, I say this account (which serves me as a simple statistics), blocks the entire program.

My request is: Is it possible for future versions, including the option to choose what we want to synchronize accounts SYNCBits? It would be fantastic to choose who we want to synchronize accounts, not only for this problem that I have, but because there are many times that certain accounts are discharged and may not need them on other devices.

Thank you for your attention and for your wonderful program.

Hello Robert,

I'm not sure that I understand your message completely but it sounds as if MoneyWiz was crashing due to the amount of data - correct?

This is not supposed to be happening and for sure we can prevent this from happening - but could you please clarify what exactly was the issue you've been experiencing?

Hi Pawel,

Excuse my English is very bad and I use a translator.

The problem is that I imported an account that had a program to MoneyWiz. This account is very large and contains many records.

Local everything works smoothly. But when I connect to SYNCbits, MoneyWiz works very slow, and ends up locked.

I tried even through a new account, but always ends up blocking MoneyWiz.

It seems to be unable to import all the data from this account to the cloud. But if I remove the account, the problem goes away and I can synchronize smoothly with SYNCBits.

So my proposal, you can select which accounts you want to sync on SYNCbits.



Thank you for clarifying this! I'll note it down for our team to review and we'll discuss your feature request.

However the issue you've been experiencing should not be happening - if you'd like us to look at it, please e-mail us at and we'll fix this.

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