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OnLine Account HSBC UK

Anyone managed to use their login for HSBC UK. Doesn't work at ALL ! So disapointed when you paid £39 !


We are waiting for the connection logs from you to be able to investigate the issue further.

OK, log file just sent.....

Hope you will be able to resolve this issue

Thank you

I am having the same problem. HSBC UK account. The app will download the accounts, but none of the transactions. iPhone 6s
Hi Andrew,

Please submit your request to and we will gladly help you.


I have the same problem.  I am trying out MoneyWiz and use the following banks:

HSBC Bank (UK)

HSBC Bank (UK) Card

HSBC Bank (US)

HSBC Bank (US) Card

none of them connect except HSBC Bank (UK) which is slow and intermittent - I have had tickets open with MoneyWiz for about 3 weeks but I can now see that this is a long-term ongoing problem with MoneyWiz and HSBC, so will now consider dropping MoneyWiz and get a refund (I am within my 90 days).

...My "Old" software is Banktivity which is clunky (I do prefer MoneyWiz) but it connects to HSBC quickly and flawlessly.


This topic is 11 months old. While I understand that you'd like to have this issue fixed (trust us - we also would like to see this issue fixed an we're working on it!) posting this on the forums will not help us have it fixed as you already have open support topics with us. Opening new ones will not help in any way as we already work on the issue with priority.

The issue you've informed us about has been already reported to Yodlee for investigation and fixing. Due to the age of this topic, I'll close it now so that the original author does not receive further notifications about activity here.