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How do i exit reconcile mode?

The arrow in the top right hand corner doesn't work. It just scrolls down the page.

Hello Pat,

Perhaps the button is hard to tap for some reason (we've had issues where the tappable area would be too small but no one complained since we've fixed that) but it should allow you to close the mode.

Can you please try tapping on it again but don't pull down as you tap? Just tap?

Hello Pawel, Thank you for your prompt reply to my query. I can't tap the button because as soon as I touch it the page scrolls down. The only way I can touch it is to drag either my finger or the stylus along the pink line and on to the arrow but but it won't let me tap it. I have a similar problem with the options button but that does eventually work.


Hmm, that is very interesting!

Is it possible that your screen is broken? Do you use some protective film on your display/do you use a case?

Please let me know if you'd prefer continuing this discussion over e-mail or on the forums :)

I am having this same issue.  I cannot get out of reconcile mode unless I kill the app.   The area to tap the arrow is soo super tiny

that even my stylus wont work to get the menu to pop up.  It just scrolls the screen down.

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