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Categorizing imported transactions simultaneously

Hi, when i import transactions from my bank, often times I have many similar (or identical) transactions that I would like to filter for and then categorize them all to the same accounts, etc. at the same time, rather than having to go into each transaction to repeat the process over and over again. Am i missing how to do this (shortcut) or is it a feature that could be added? (My online bank program offers this in their web version and it does make categorizing and filtering numerous transactions go very quickly).


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Hello Bruce,

Sounds as if you're referring to the ability to bulk-edit transactions. MoneyWiz for Mac does offer this but MoneyWiz on mobile devices doesn't offer this at the moment. With bulk-edit you can select multiple transactions and modify particular details in one go.

When you are importing transactions from a statement file, MoneyWiz gives you an option to assign particular category to a single payee (and it'll do the bulk-edit for you). But when importing transactions from Online Banking, there is no import wizard and transactions just import.

However, MoneyWiz should learn from your choices over time and eventually start assigning correct categories to transactions that have similar details to those that have been imported already.

Ok thanks Pawel. I now have the Mac version as well. Is there a bulk edit function or is it like you say, MoneyWiz just does it for you? I get the learning part, which is great, but i gather what you're saying is that sorting imported transactions I can't bulk edit them (there's no import Wizard). What if over time I decide to re-categorize already categorized transactions and there is a lot of them. Can I bulk edit them in this case or no?

Sorry if I should be spending more time in the support documents.


Pawel, I think i've found part of my answer clicking on the balance scale image after sorting  the account for the similar transactions I wanted to edit. I can then select the entire list of transactions and bulk edit the categories (although it tells me that I can't bulk edit split transactions - oh well).



Indeed, next to the Advanced reconcile button (scale icon) you'll find two similarly-sized buttons allowing you to change between the Fancy view and spreadsheet-like Expert view. In this view you can modify multiple transactions at once but MoneyWiz won't do this for you :) If you have multiple transactions at once that you want to modify, use the Search function to display the transactions you want to edit, select them and go from there :)

Please help, How to edit multiple transactions at once on Mac, such as giving same category to all selected transactions. Thank you


You can find more information here:

You need to switch to Expert-mode (see the button to the right: ) then you enter spread-sheet like mode. You can then just select multiple transactions like you'd do anywhere else on a Mac (i.e. by holding down ⌘ cmd key on keyboard and clicking on transaction rows) then right-click to select Edit (or left-click while holding control key on your keyboard).

For more information please contact us at as this is a topic for a feature request. Thank you!


Pawel, Thank You sooooooo much

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