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iOS App crashed, lost all data

I have just started using MoneyWiz 2 on iOS (and Mac) and am migrating from a different solution. I was setting up the app on my iPad Air 2 (iOS 9.1) and had completed the initial sync with SyncBITS. All my data was present and correct. On the Dashboard screen I was playing around and I added a second 'Accounts' panel. Then I selected the option to delete the panel. The app crashed (it quit). When I opened the app again there was no data and it started re-syncing with SyncBITS. The sync appears to have completed successfully but this is an extremely troubling thing to have occurred. The app crashing is bad enough but losing the entire local database as a result is really, really bad...

I hope there will be a fix for this most serious issue *very* soon.

Dear Chris,

I am sorry to hear about this incident but rest assured that it's a rare case. I don't recall anyone else experiencing this.

I'll have this investigated by our team to see if we can find a reason why it happened.

But I think we should re-create your SYNCbits account, just to ensure that it's safe. Could you please e-mail us at from your SYNCbits e-mail? We'll instruct you as what to do.

Please link to this forum topic in your e-mail to us in case one of my colleagues get to you before I do.


I've closed this topic as I was expecting you to write to us using e-mail.

I don't believe re-creating the SYNCbits account is absolutely necessary. We have ways of backing up your data prior to account re-creation (unless you have image attachments - we cannot guarantee they'll stay as they are).

The decision ultimately is up to you. I'll leave this ticket open so you can tell me what your decision was but please allow me to mark the ticket as Solved - due to the nature of the bug, we'll be doing investigation internally so we'll not be updating this topic with the updates for this issue.

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