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Show how much over or under budget currently...

It would be great to be able able to see how much over or under budget you currently are overall, and per budget. At the moment there is no way of showing how much money it is between your remaining budget and that little red line which is quite annoying! If I know I'm £10 under budget then beers may be added to my weekly shop, if I know I'm £10 over budget then I may hold off on buying deodorant for another week. Please help!

Dear Pat,

You can go into each of the budgets you have then tap/click on the balance box at the bottom - you can choose what number to display there, for example "Remaining" :)

Yes but that shows how much of your budget is remaining, which is not what I mean.

On the budget screen you can see a red line which shows you where you should be with your spending to keep on track with the current budget. I would like to be able to view the difference between my current spend, and that red line.

Not the entire remaining budget.



Ah, I see! Thank you for clarifying this, I'll have this noted and passed to our team for internal discussion.

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Great, cheers!


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