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I closed one of my accounts, so I decided to do the same in MoneyWiz. The problem is that, when I did it, all the transactions were reversed and my other accounts went crazy. So, is it possible to restore the deleted account and all its information? I didn't backup it up locally, I tried with SyncBits by I didn`t get it.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello there,

Deleting an account deletes all transactions stored within, which includes the transfers - that are deleted from both accounts.

SYNCbits keeps one instance of your data, we do not store a number of versions, therefore we are unable to restore your data this way.

Do you have backups of the complete data on your device? Perhaps we could use that. Please let me know on which devices do you use MoneyWiz on, which device was used to delete the account and perhaps there's a device where you haven't launched MoneyWiz yet since the incident?

I use money wiz is three different Android devices, but all of them have been synced since the crash and I don't have local back ups
Unfortunately there is no any undo action in MoneyWiz and no other way to revert back your changes :( We can only do that if you till have a backup of the database.... I'm very sorry for this.


Hello Volodymyr!

Unfortunately I've got the same issue. I've decided to clear a little my MoneyWiz on iPhone and deleted some accounts...So now wrong info on one of my iPhone and in Syncbits.

Lucky I am I have an iPod and another iPhone disconnected from syncbits with correct database. how can I fix the issue?


   and hope for good news.

Hello there,

Please contact us via e-mail at so we can use the iPod/iPhone database to restore your data.

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