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Change of Budget-value after a dedicated time

Dear all,
first of I would like to point out that this app really supports my needs close to 100%. There are still minor things which puzzle me and I am not sure whether I am just not finding the functionality in the app.

I am currently focussing on budgets. At the beginning of 2015, I defined a budget for my freetime-activities which met the needs for quite a while. Now due to a raise in my payment, I want to raise this budget as of the month the raise occured (A raise of 50€ as of the 1st of October).
Currently I only found the possibility to adjust the budget in general which would mean that the budget totals as of beginning of this year are wrong as the budget was lower for that timeframe.

So now the question is: is there a way to adjust a budget using an "as of"-date leaving the budgets of the previous months without change?


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Just realized that there is a similar topic discussed in the Feature-Request-Thread...
No need to reply here then as it was already discussed.
Apologies for the double-topic.



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