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Trip/Traveling mode

I would like to suggest a potentially very time-saving feature when traveling : the option to create a trip object, defined by a currency and a start and end date, during which all the entered transactions will be set by default to that currency. Furthermore, it would allow to generate a specific report of the expenses made when that trip was active. It would also help business travelers to keep track of their expenses to later claim a refund to their company !

I would see this feature either as an option when creating a Budget or as a Widget of the dashboard.

The application Money Lover  already implements this feature (but unfortunately without a trip-specific currency, which makes it useless...Adding tags to transactions would only solve part of the problem, the major benefit of this feature being to avoid having to manually set a different currency each time an expense is made.

I believe this addition would be useful for many users (please vote!!) and it would not clutter the App with a useless feature.

Please comment if you think the idea could be improved.

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Thank you for your feature request! We do have in mind several optimisations regarding travelling and MoneyWiz but these are not ready yet and we're not sure when they might be. I've noted  your suggestion and we'll see how it might fit into our ideas!

Thanks for your comment. Hope the idea will be back on the table some day ;)

I like this idea, I have been waiting for something like that with version 2 we can put tags on transactions to know how much cost us a trip, now we can filter in all accounts and all dates by applying research as Florida 2014 in memo, but we can not make a report with that list. What for
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