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How to Erase all Transactions ?

I have had troubles importing entries from external files and I now would like to clear all the transactions in the database wwhile retaining my configuration (accounts, preferences, etc).

Unfortunately I have not found an straightforward way to do this.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Same online account balances were picked up some weeks ago for both checking and savings accounts. I put MW aside. Today I disabled online for each account and deleted each account. I reentered the online bank and accounts were picked up properly but there are no transactions. How do I get the transactions?

Thank you Pawel !

 I followed your tips and used solution #1. I had lots of duplicates after the CSV import function failed to recognize the duplicates...

Would be nice to have a "select all function" though, or a multiple selectable list, like in the Mac version.

Thanks again!

@Rafael: sorry about the duplicates :(

@Earl: could you please contact us directly?

Dear Rafael,

There are three possible solutions:

1. Delete your accounts from the app

This will delete: Accounts, Transactions (including transfers, which can affect balances of other accounts you may decide not to delete), Budgets, Scheduled transactions and Saved reports. Will not affect Categories or Currencies.

2. Delete your sync account (if you have one) or reset your MoneyWiz database (if you don't have a sync account)

This will delete everything. If you have a sync account, you will be able to create another one under the same e-mail.

3. Delete transactions only

This solution is practical only if you have MoneyWiz for Mac. Just switch to the spreadsheet-like Expert view, select one transaction then select all using ⌘ cmd + A shortcut and delete those. Please be very sure that you want to do this - if you delete a transfer between accounts from one of them, it will be also deleted from the second account so this operation might change balances of other accounts too!

Please let me know which option you would like to choose and provide me with more information about your setup (devices used, if you have sync account, etc.) and I will be happy to help!