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Your online banking subscription seems invalid - Android

I got my notification yesterday from google play that my monthly subscription had re-billed, but every time I open the app, I get 

Your online banking subscription seems invalid. Please go to Settings/ Subscriptions to validate it.

I have been in there, selected restore purchases, tried to buy a monthly subscription again (it tells me I can't as I already have one) and I have removed and reinstalled the app on the same device.

Dear Doogie,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing! We are aware that MoneyWiz for Android might have trouble recognising subscriptions. But you should be still have to sync your Online Banking accounts - is this true?

We are working on fixing this!

Hi Pawel, No, trying to manually sync gives the same message and the last transactions are from before the first subscription expired period a couple of days ago. Let me know if you need any debug logs or anything to help fix it.

Same problem here

I'm getting this same message and I can't sync of my subscription accounts. I have the newest update. Please help!
I am using iOS.
Dear Dale,

We need to investigate those sort of issues over e-mail. I see that you already contacted us via e-mail and my colleague has asked for more information. Your reply arrived from a different e-mail address which is why we could not track it and reply back to you.

I've now merged your message so our team will be back with you shortly over e-mail.


Hello again,

We've released MoneyWiz 2.0.13 today - could you please check if it fixed the issue?

Works on my side

Yes, this update has fixed this issue for me too,thanks.
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