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Forecast balance shows no graph - PIN request slow

In the last Android update 2.0.11 and 2.0.12, the forecast graph is blank. Also zooming or rotating the graph area remains blank.

This happens both for previosly saved forecast and for new ones.

The forecast budget operated correctly until last updates.

Furthermore the screen for the PIN request needs several seconds before it is operative (until appears the keyboard).

However I think Moneywiz is the best app for expenses management. I am waiting the web or windows version too.

Best Regards

Dear Antonio,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing!

We are aware of the delay with the PIN screen and working on fixing it for the next update.

As for the report, could you please tell me what device do you use and what is the version of Android installed?

Dear Pawel,

I'm using an LG G4 (H815 European) on which is installed Android version 5.1 (Stock, no root).

Anyway on the same phone and android version, the forecast report was functioning in previous versions of MoneyWiz app. It is surely a problem introduced little time ago with the last updates.

Best regards


Thank you! We are investigating.


One more question - is MoneyWiz running in English language on your device or something else?

If you switch to English, do report graphs appear?

As discussed over e-mail, the issue indeed seems to be related to MoneyWiz's language. We are currently investigating the issue and working on a fix.

Dear Pawel,

I can confirm that with last update 2.0.13 (of this morning 20 Oct) all it is solved!!

Thank you very much! MoneyWiz Team is the best!

Best regards

Awesome :) Thank you!