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Online banking not matching with transactions manually entered

 I'm not sure if I'm doing something incorrectly or not. I manually enter checks I've written, but when the online banking syncs up, it doesn't match the transaction, it enters a new one. This is really a pain, as it throws off my register. Anything I can do differently to make this not happen? When I put the transaction in manually, I enter the description, amount, check number, category, etc.

Dear Rob,

Does it happen for all (100%) manually entered transactions or some percentage? When you see those "duplicates", is the date within +/- 3 days range and is the amount exactly the same?

Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot of one example of duplicates? If you prefer not sharing this here, please e-mail us at

They are not within 3 days. With the kids band/cheer/school stuff, it can sometimes be weeks between us writing the check and them actually depositing it.


I see. The duplicate transactions have a chance of being recognised as duplicates only if they are within 3 days range. You should try to be logging the transactions in MoneyWiz when you execute them, not when you prepare them. For check, this means that you should log it once the check is deposited, not when written.

A 3 days range allows us to take into account a transaction made on Friday but that wasn't processed by the bank until Monday. We cannot be sure whether a transaction is a duplicate or simply a similar transaction if it's made beyond the 3 days range.

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