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Support for automatic credit card balance payments

My credit card is set to pay my statement balance from my checking on the due date. If I could input these dates to MW (statement date, due date), it would be great if MoneyWiz automatically pulled the balance on one date, and scheduled a transfer for it on the other date specified.

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MoneyWiz doesn't support automatic calculation of credit card amount due and automatic repayment of that amount just yet. We will be introducing this feature in one of the future updates to MoneyWiz.

What you can do as a workaround is to go to Scheduled section and set up a new Scheduled transfer from your Checking account to your Credit account, leaving the Amount field empty.

When the payment is due, MoneyWiz will ask you to fill out the amount field and process the payment. You will just need to calculate the amount due and fill it in. I understand that this might not be the most comfortable solution but we are already working on making this much easier and more automated.

I hope this can work for you.

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