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Support for investment accounts

It would be great if MoneyWiz offered Investment account support. The user could input how many shares of stock that were bought or sold at what price, and MoneyWiz could automatically update prices at the end of each trading day and reflect the new balance. Also, MoneyWiz automatically imported future dividends into the scheduled transactions based on the shares you own.PLEASE PLEASE ADD THIS! :)

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Hello Mason,

We are going to implement Investment account in MoneyWiz in one of the future updates :) No release date just yet - MoneyWiz for Windows PC needs to be released first.

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We are still waiting, je, je, je

still waiting....


Are there a release date for this development?


Investment accounts are coming in 2.6 update (free to current MoneyWiz 2 customers). We do not have an exact release date for this update yet but it'll be released in the first half of this year. 
Delay after delay in these investment accounts, that not arrive.

last week you guys said February, now you "expanded" to first half... actually it's getting really useless... this has been forecasted for too long time, time to move to other products, this app is nice but without investment is useless.... too long awaiting.... disappointing...

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Hello again,

We are aware that we don't always meet our estimates which is why we're becoming more careful when sharing them. Software development is a very dynamic process and due to the size of our team, we do not have many resources that we could use to make this implemented fast.

The estimate I shared is a maximum - in reality, this update is coming much, much sooner. But again - we prefer not to share an exact estimate because if we miss it by something like two weeks, we'll make some customers disappointed.

This update is coming very soon. Once we can reliably predict its release date, we'll share it.


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