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SYNCbits server problem


MoneyWiz app is fully depend on SYNCbits account. Without SYNCbits no backup, restore and synchronize  system available in this app. In that case if SYNCbits account problem occur then the support team cannot or unable to help without break the customer's data privacy. I am facing a problem that is I can log in properly but I cannot change my password, When I create a ticket with details description and screenshot regarding this issue then Agent ask me for password directly. As I am not willing to share my password due to the password is sensitive for me. Then Agent asked to send my local database through mail to upload by recreating account again. Then where is the data privacy?

I believe that SilverWiz team can solve the problem from there end to see my screenshot and details description without hamper my data privacy.

I hope you will try to protect your Customer's Credentials,


Can you try changing your password from the SYNCbits portal instead of the app?


I have tried from the SYNCbit portal and device also, and mail to your support team with details screenshot.


I have now been contacted by my colleague who is working on your case and I have familiarised myself with it.

Our team wants to investigate this but because the issue is strictly related to your password, we need more information about your password but not necessarily the password itself. While we do respect your privacy and we don't need to see your data, we do need more information about your case. You are the only user reporting this issue currently therefore it's not a widespread problem.

Because both you and we would like to solve this case while respecting your privacy, I don't think that discussing this on the forums is a good idea as by definition anything posted here is public. Therefore I'm not sure how we can assist you in this topic - I'll close it and reply in the private e-mail.