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Quick transaction entry widget for Android

Hi, I would suggest you to create a widget to allow us transaction entry on the fly. This a was a hihgly demanded feature in anMoney. When a user creates a widget, he chooses an account for this widget and the balance to be displayed on it. Whenever there is a need to make a transaction, you just press the widget, and you are already in the transaction entry screen with the cursor in the amount field and the number pad deployed. I used to place two widgets for my two most frequently used accounts. This is a must for your app in my opinion.

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Just wanted to make a quick note: I meant a desktop widget, not the widgets that are available within the app

Hello there,

We've made note of your feature request and we'll discuss this internally, while monitoring how many votes it gets.

Community is not very active in this forum especially for Android app. So I think that people who are here do not make up a sample large enough that could be used to reveal the needs of the MoneyWiz community as a whole. Many people just try the app and if they don't find what they need, they just try the next one in the store. You could research the feedbacks from other key apps in the market and see what people value.

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Currently there is a widget to quickly add transactions, however, it is very inconvenient since there are all accounts in the widget. It would be much more practical to make a small 1x1 or 2x1 widget that would be linked to a separate account. This way a user can create several widgets on the desktop only for the accounts that he uses often.

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For a privacy reason is totally silly expose Account data on the mobile desktop only to have a quick insert option. Please add a quick insert widget, a 1x1 icon should be enough. SOrry but lacks of this basic and useful feature is a total fail for Moneywiz. People needs a way to fast insert their expenses, microexpenses too and they can't waste time in tapping and tapping on mobile.

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Then there should be an option to select what to display on this widget. I used to create widgets for my two mostly used accounts (cash, and credit card). I had no problem to expose their balances. But knowing the balance before making a purchase without going into the app does give quite a convenience.

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