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Categories, income and expenses

Why do the categories have to be split into income and expenses. I think the categories should be general. It makes it difficult to handle reimbursements. How do I handle reimbursements to a specific category? Also when I run a report why can't I just run the main category as opposed to having to select all the subcategories to see the entire category. If my category is miscellaneous, with several subcategories, when I run the report, I just want to hit one button to run the category. Not several ticks to select all the subcategories in the category.

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Hi Von,

Hm that is strange. I was told both sides should not be able to handle it. Let me forward this discussion to my team so they can investigate.

I see looking forward to Investment accounts. The income side can handle this type of transaction, multiple categories with one + and one - value. It is just the expense side they breaks. Thanks for the response.

Hi Von,

I just spoke to my team and apparently this restriction is put intentionally for now. The reason is that currently the way MoneyWiz determines the transaction type is related to the category (as we have separate expense & income categories) and the logic breaks if we have a single transaction in multiple categories with different signs. We'll have to figure out how to mitigate this sort of situation but we'll probably do that sometime in MoneyWiz 3's development as right now we're focused on investment accounts and after that we'll start working on MoneyWiz 3.

Correct. The -/+ works like you would expect if the transaction is not split. The income side works correctly for both split and non split transactions. The expense side however will change your negative expense to a positive while changing the other amounts to maintain the overall total.

Hi Von,

Just to make sure I understand are speaking to having +/- sign in a split transaction, right? I ask because if a transaction is not split, then this is already allowed (as of few versions ago).

Allow for a + expense and a - income. In the app you are able to put these amounts in as so. But on the expense side I've noticed it will change it back to positive. An example would be a Discount or coupon, if you were keeping track of how much you were saving those categories would be - expense amounts in a split transaction. Like I said the apps always me to input it that way but changes after I finish the transaction, which keeps the total the same but changes the amounts in the splits from what I put in. An example of - income would be if you are tracking the ups and downs of an investment by using only one category, I find it easier to see the overall loss or Gain this way instead of using separate categories. Any thoughts as to any fixes.


I just want to reassure you we are not keeping the major update from any of the apps. Once we release we'll release it for all apps, all platforms at the same time.

Well finally maybe a meaningful and useful update. I'm sick of all the so called update which doesn't seem to be of any new use. Frustrated from theach way this is being handled by the developers and actually lowered my ratings for the app as I feel ur keeping the major update for the extrace paid version. I hope u won't do this.

Hi Diego,

We're preparing it for next week release. We're actually trying for this Friday but I don't think we'll be ready this Friday so it will probably go towards next week sometime (perhaps near the end of the week).

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When will 2.5 update be released? I need to enter negative amounts into transactions, in fact at the moment I can't import transactions from app I was previously using (anMoney). There are many use cases where negative transactions are useful:

- Partial refunds

- Selling items. For example, if I buy a car and later sell them, I don't see the point to create an income category for this, I see more logic in discounting the residual price in the expense category Car

- Gambling (you can win or lose)


In the 2.5 update, we'll allow to offset both expense and income categories by any amounts: but we're keeping the expense and income categories separate for now.

Still no update to merge categories for income and expenses as well as the plus and minus option?


I've looked into your case and I see there's lots of activity in the developer thread. I also see that you've received an update from us today.

The particular issue you're experiencing is indeed slightly complicated but I'm certain we can fix this. We'll be updating you in the e-mail thread once we have some updates to share.

Hi Iliya,
I understood from you that yesterday or today would receive a response. Unfortunately I have heard nothing. I think it is really annoying. I know I "only" pay a small amount each year. But I do not mind paying more, but if it only works well. Now I can really do anything.


@Vincent - I see the dev team is investigating your issue together with SaltEdge and I hope they will come back to you today or tomorrow.
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