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Help with subscription on itunes

I have a  problem on Itunes, I have to cancel my credit card and remove the payment method from my itunes account, obviously the automatic subscription of Moneywiz was canceled. Today I receive my new credit card and added on itunes , then enter on my subscriptions to reactivate the Moneywiz online banking again, but when I enter to Moneywiz 2 the message that say 'the subscription  is invalid' still show up. How I fix this? Only the subscriptions purchased from Moneywiz are valid? 

Thanks for your help.

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Hmm, in this case the important question would be whether the original subscription expired already or not. Can you please try clicking on "Restore purchases" button in MoneyWiz's Settings -> Subscriptions? It's best if you can do this from the device where you've purchased the subscription in the first place.

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