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Change in transaction amount entering method

I've just discovered MoneyWiz 2 and have it installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S (and am eagerly awaiting the Windows version), but I'm finding the method used to enter a transaction amount a little confusing.

At present if you want to add a value of GBP 3555, you actually have to type 355500. This takes some getting used to and slows me down when adding transactions. 

It would be really nice to have an option to switch to a more normal way of entering numbers where I can type a decimal point if I want to, so 3555 would equal GBP 3555 and not GBP 35.55

Hope that makes sense.

The other thing I was trying to do was to create a loan account that has a zero percent apr with no payment plan (Bank of Mum and Dad loan so I can pay back different amounts at any point). In the end I had to set it up as a credit card account instead.

Otherwise I'm finding the app to be superb.


You should be able to change the entry style. From Setting --> Transaction Layout, uncheck "POS style entering of amounts".  That way when you type in 3555 it gives you 3555.

Ah excellent. I had wrongly assumed the tick box there was to disable the field altogether.

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