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'Logging On' to Barclays Online Banking.

Hi, new user who's just spent £39.99 for years access to Barclays Bank here in the UK (+£3.99 for the app) and I can't add a new Online Account. I seem to get past the authenticate screen for either the Yodlee or Saltedge versions. Pavel in Support seems unclear due to being non UK based and therefore I wonder if 1) is there any Barclays UK user using the online downloading facility on Moneywiz? 2) If so, can you help me with some instructions. As you know Barclays require use of PinSentry rather than a simple user and password approach taken by many others. Any help would be appreciated Thank you Sandy
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Hello Sandy,

I've replied to your ticket Sandy. It'll be easier for us to monitor your replies if we continue our communication there.

Hi there what was the outcome can you import from Barclays to the apps as I am willing to buy both Mac app and ios app

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