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Changing Budgets

Can someone help me out. I've tried to revise my budgeted amount for a certain budget but it changes previous budgeted amounts. For example, let's say in a two week period I budgeted 50.00 for miscellaneous. Two weeks later I get a pay raise and now I have 100 that I now can spend on miscellaneous moving forward so I make the change. It changes my previous budget to 100. I had 50 then and now I have 100. Is there anyway to do this without affecting the previous budget of 50.00? I tried and I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks

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Hello Claudine,

Unfortunately there is no way to adjust an existing budget so that the budget history is not affected. I'm afraid that you'll need to create a new budget and delete the old one or adjust the existing budget and accept that reports for previous instances of the budget might be incorrect (as budget allowance was different).

We have it on our to-do list to make it easier but I have no details to share about it just yet.

I am completely shocked. To me that is simple and basic. Budgets are made to be changed based on the information available, and the history should not be affected. The more and more I use moneywiz is the more I realize how much it is lacking. :(

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I think I have to agree with Claudine, things change & history shouldn't be affected. I've been trying to get round this problem for ages & without success :(

  1. If you have a miscellaneous budget & want to increase it it changes the history.
  2. If you delete a budget & it had transfers the transfers are deleted.
  3. If you have an end date on the budget & the date passes, the budget remains & you can't get rid of it, only move it to the bottom, but then the transfers & expenses remain for the next month.
Any suggestions?

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to ensure you that improving budgets this way is on our roadmap and we'll implement it :) We just cannot yet say when.

@cobbyau - I'm afraid that each of those workarounds has its drawbacks, there is no perfect one at the moment.

It has been three month since this thread started. Are there any news to share on how to change budgets? Any ETA on when an improved budget management will be available?



We don't have any news to share just yet and I'm not sure when we will. We're currently focused on releasing Windows version and bringing it up to speed with iOS/Mac/Android projects. Once Windows is aligned with those projects feature-wise, we plan to work on Tags and Investment accounts.

Therefore we cannot promise any other big features coming very soon.

I guess I do understand a company's decision to get a broader user base by developing the software for a different platform. I just wish though that sometimes, just sometimes, the existing customers would take priority, the ones that have already paid for your software; that a product would be made as good as possible for the existing customers rather than leaving them with something that needs more work, admitted even by the company itself.

Oh well, I guess we just have to wait for features that should have been there in the first place. But honestly, I am not holding my breath. In the end, money always wins...

Yes, Moneywiz is great app and it's very nice you cover all operating systems but your weak point is budgets. Hope you will make it more adjustable to customer need in the future. Cheers

I agree completely.  The only thing holding me back from moving over from YNAB (You Need a Budget) to MoneyWiz is the budgeting aspect of the program.  It is currently extremely weak and if you want to improve the functionality of your software in this area, I highly encourage you to look at YNAB and how they work their budgets.  

For example, you can essentially have one screen which can show your budgeted categories across several months at a time.  You can easily edit the budgets right on that same screen etc.  The way budgeting works in MoneyWiz is extremely labour intensive and not intuitive at all.

I agree. This area is very weak. Any word on budget improvements? Also if you have a budget monitored by several categories and accounts, then you add a new account to moneywiz, it doesn't automatically get addedadded to the budget. So each time I add a new account I have to go into each budget to get it to monitor that new account. Also, if I add a subcategory to a category that is monitored by a budget, the subcategory is not automatically added. Does it not stand to reason that I would likely need the subcategory for that category monitored by that budget? There is just way too many steps to simple transactions and if you forget a step, your entire financial data is inaccurate
So I want to confirm, if I delete a budget, will the budget transfers be affected?


Similarly to accounts, if you delete a budget that was involved in a budget transfer, the transfer is deleted as well.

That doesn't make sense. Deleting budget or account transfers when you delete one of the budgets or accounts essentially means the transfer never happened - but it in reality did happen and now balances are off.


Transfer transactions in MoneyWiz need to be pointing to something. When deleting an account in MoneyWiz there's a special check in place when MoneyWiz checks if you have transfers in that account - if yes, it'll display a special warning before you delete the account.

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