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Categories and Sub Categories

Unsure as this is a problem but advice needed.  In Categories I have set up the following:


       - 'Skittles'

          - 'Fines'

When creating a transaction for a night of Skittles, and as the norm I also get fines (silly thing but these pay for our end of year get together!) when entering it will not allow me to only add the 'Skittles' part and drops down to the Fines part, see below. 


Dear Richard,

That is a very good finance management technique :)

If a category has a "child" (a sub-category), it cannot be chosen as a destination for a transaction. You always need to use the lowest level of the category.

What I'd suggest you do in this case is create a "Sweets" category and make "Skittles" and "Fines" sub-categories of the "Sweets" category. This way you can split your expense between these two.

- Signed,

A fellow Skittles addict :-)

Interesting. How should this be handled on import? 
I'm in the process of trying to import 15 years worth of transactions (in QIF form) from a system that didn't have this constraint; as a result, I have thousands of transactions in "parent" categories ("Home", "Home/Groceries", "Home/Groceries/Booze") as a particularly frequent example.

(I have a lot of notes from my import process to post).


This is interesting indeed! It really depends how the other application formatted the file. Could you try to give it a go and see how it ends up? Please note that there is no undo operation for import - you can delete an account into which the transactions were imported to erase them but your imported categories and payees would remain. Please let me know if you need help setting up a proper backup prior to import.

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