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Sync bits is currently showing a 'connection error' and is NOT syncing across my devices.  Thinking the problem was at my end I signed out on my Mac and cannot get back in, fortunately I have updated version of my accounts on my iPhone.  Is anyone else having a problem please

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I have the same issue. 

I usually use my iPad for inputting data.

Just now I opened the app on my iPhone coz I wanted to sync the data.

Data didn't sync.

I tried to sign out and then sign in back but got 'connection error'

When I tried to touch "Forgot Password" just in case the error is due to I'm forgetting my password I got "the e-mail address you entered is not registered with us"

Whereas my iPad uses this same email address.

Does not make any sense.

Anyway I also notice that on my iPad the last data sync is about 30 mins before. Data is not syncing/updated again even after I close and reopen the app in my iPad too.

So strange.

I hope they team can fix this asap.

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Thought I was alone, hoping for a response from the team soon, fingers crossed Moza

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Having the same problem. Noticed no sync activity for a couple of days, tried logging out, when I tried logging back in just the connection error message.

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Same problem!
Same problem here not syncing!

Apologies all for the issue. There was a performance issue at our hosting and we had to move our servers to another sector. Of course, it didn't go as smoothly as it could, so it took a while.

I am happy to tell you though that everything is back to normal now.

No, its not fixed. I have entered my information 4 times now and I can't get the thing to send me a text with a code.

Come on, guys, this is crap

Yes it's fixed. SYNCbits doesn't send texts with codes either. 

If you mean you that you are trying to reset your password, SYNCbits will send you an email with reset link. If you meant that you never got this email - please check your spam box.

I am having trouble with Syncbits in that the due and overdue Scheduled payments are not synchronised across iMac and iPad


Due to the age of this thread, please contact us individually at

We cannot fix sync issues over forums anyways. We'll look forward to your e-mail.