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MoneyWiz Free issue with 100 transactions limit message

We've found a bug in MoneyWiz 2.1 Free version, which behaves like that:

If you only subscribed to online banking, it downloaded  more than 100 transactions and try to edit a transaction you will get the message telling you there is a limit of 100 transactions.

This is a bug, not intended behavior.

We've just submitted MoneyWiz 2.1.1 to correct it.

In the meantime, the workaround is to use the Mac free version. It shows the message but allows you to edit the transaction anyways.

I had this with you original moneywiz....telling me I had to pay for the trial version? It was not a trial version I had but a fully paid for version.....anyway decided to buy your program again bought Moneywiz 2 now you are saying that has the same problem. What about a refund for my original purchase?????

Hello Keith, 

This is for MoneyWiz Free not for MoneyWiz Purchased. The paid version does not have limit of 100 transactions. What do you mean about a refund for your original purchase? 

Keith, as Asen noted, the two versions co-exist...if you already have one of them you don't need to switch to the other one.

We've outlined the differences here:

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