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Getting notifications for already entered transactions

I keep getting notifications for scheduled transactions being due, but the transactions are already entered. I don't want to turn the notifications off, in case I forget to enter one someday. I've had this setting all the time and it was never an issue before, so I think it may be a bug in this version? I've only been getting these for maybe a couple of weeks.

When I do my scheduled transactions, I do them at the beginning of every month, and enter them in ahead of time. So, if I look at my scheduled transactions today, I only have all my bills for August showing, with everything for July already having been entered. However, I keep getting the notifications saying I have a bill due. For instance, today I got the notification that my Lowe's bill was due, yet I already entered it for July, and only the August bill shows up in my "Scheduled Transactions."

It will also show as a number on my app badge too (iOS), but once I open MoneyWiz it will go away. There's also no record of the notification in the app or even in Apple's notification center...strange.

This topic is over a year old - what you might be experiencing is definitely not the same as the original issue. Can you please contact us at



I think this issue is still happening. Could you check for me please?


Anytime :) 

Your first reply was correct. And thanks for looking into this so quickly! You guys rock! :-)

Hi Danny, 

We have managed to reproduce this, and found what is causing it. Fix will be coming with MoneyWiz 2.2

Hi Danny, 

Let me confirm this. 

You have a Scheduled Transaction that is for July 27th, you paid it on, say, July 20th in advance, and the Scheduled One re-armed for August 27th. Nonetheless on the 27th of July you received a notification that the one you paid on the 20th is due?